Tuesday, August 09, 2011

What dreams may come

It must be time to head back. I'm having strange dreams about school again. Well, dreaming about being unprepared... and that sounds like it's about school now that I'm sitting back on my haunches for a week.

Two nights ago I dreamed I had to pick up one math class a day during the period I have a student teacher.  Not only does math make my face want to break out like it's 1993 again (because of my synesthesia and my general discomfort with having to come up with an answer under pressure of time), but I am about as qualified as my cat to teach math.  I am abso-ruten-tootenly positive that this dream is also a mirror of the almost-crisis I was having last spring about the possibility I might have to teach PE to keep my job at my school.  Anynervousness, as if being responsible for teaching the math class wasn't bad enough, the department chair was going to stay in the room and observe me every day.  So, someone who actually knows that 2+2 does not equal purple.  Oh, the humanity.  Woke up from that one in a cold sweat.

Last night was a different tack but the same theme.  My body's default reset to panic dream is the ballet-show-is-about-to-start-and-you're-not-backstage-yet dream.  This time I was back dancing as an apprentice to Sacramento Ballet (if ever there was a year of more worry and self-loathing for me, I'm not aware of it) and the curtain was about to go up but I was in the lobby with my parents.  Instead of telling them to find their seats, I decided I'd take them through the backstage area and let them go up to their seats from the front.  The only problem with this was that the entire backstage was dark and I knew I was going to get caught doing something I shouldn't do.  I had to climb over dancers and stage hands.  I bumped into costume mistresses and soon after I realized (to my chagrin--Hutch will appreciate this) that the choreographer was Laurie Ann Gibson.  (She choreographs for Gaga, among others, and while her work can be amazing, in person homegirl is unpredictable and crazy with a capital C.  She's just not my personal cup o' tea.)  So I finally got my parents out the door to their seats (in the dark) and I managed to make it onstage just before the curtain came up.  The music came on and I glanced over at Kailani, a former student of mine, also onstage, to realize I know NONE of the choreography.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, scene.


  1. I think running into her, whether in a dream or real life, would seriously scare the bajeezus out of me!

  2. That's too funny - I thought I was the only one who had dance dreams where I never knew the choreography! haha