Saturday, August 06, 2011

That's better!


The search for coastline was on, yesterday, and though K and I made several other stops we ended up lounging around at Stinson for a stretch, dipping our toes in the brisk water and staring out into the big wide world. I've never been anywhere near that stretch of California, but even in the gray fog it was lovely. Ocean air is so young and unspoiled.

Was it Kate from LOST who stood in the sand, sinking as the tide washed over her feet? What a feeling.

On the drive we talked of the accidents when I was in Yosemite, the scary and undeniable powerlessness of man compared to nature. But as we chatted on a quilt to the accompaniment of soft ocean white noise, I felt the same awe for nature's beauty and tension-easing gift.

That duality humbles me. What a summer this has been of both wonder and simplicity in time spent outside.

Last night I broke a week of sleeplessness. Today I carried the lull of the waves with me as I plugged away at a 17-miler. A moment--a day--of calm is so sweet. I just feel better today, like I saved it up.

I'm ready for the school year now.


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  1. So glad you got to see the ocean! I don't get to see it till October when the BF and I head to Capitola/Santa Cruz.

    Next time I see you running, I'm so gonna honk and wave!! I drive a dark gray Corolla with a Dave Matthews Band sticker on the back window. :-)