Saturday, August 27, 2011

A strange long run

Well that was a weird run.

This morning was my longest training run before I run the NorCal Marathon in San Jose September 18.  Today I was aiming for 22-23 miles.  Kel and I decided on two laps around Lake Natoma in Folsom.  It's just over 11 around, and by the time you add in bathroom breaks, about 11.25 each time.  22.5 total.

Though we run in this area often, I've only gone around the lake one time.  The first lap was fine.

The second lap was a disaster.  I mean, it happened, which is still a plus.  But I felt like my body was rebelling--my eyes wouldn't stop watering (some was just watering, some was--admittedly--a little crying), my nose was running like a faucet, I was hacking up phlegm, my right glute was tight, and I had cramps.  Icky.

But whatever.  Like I said, we kept going.  I think this week of school was harder on me than I anticipated.  I should know that three days of coming home feeling exhausted from various discipline issues would take a toll on my running.  And while I'm proud that I made it to the gym before work three times to run, I'm also sure that was an adjustment to my routine.  I think all of that--oh, and the HEAT--was a factor in my basically wanting to throw up for the last five miles.  I was just done.

I was lamenting our choice to run the same path twice, but Kel reminded me of something.  We were meant to be on the second half of the path just when we happened to be there.  We came around a corner and saw a woman who had fallen off her bike right in the path.  It must have just happened.  Her husband was crouched down to help her, and another biker was on the phone with 911 asking them to send an ambulance.  The woman wasn't wearing a helmet.  She came down a hill on her bike and she must have twisted the front wheel and gone over.  Her chin, arms, and head were all bleeding.  She couldn't move.

Kel and I helped keep bike traffic away from her so nobody came flying around the corner without seeing the accident.  We helped the husband lock up bikes and then move them once the ambulance came and they got her on a back board.  It was scary, but I was glad we were there to help.  I was also glad that people were so good about stopping to see if everything was under control.  It makes me feel like if I ever had an accident out on the trail, someone would stop for me.

The moral of this story?  PLEASE WEAR A BIKE HELMET.  Even if you're not a hard-core speed rider.  I'm not.  She wasn't.  She was just out for a ride with her husband on her beach cruiser and she got hurt--bad.

Today was hard.  It seemed like it took us forever.  I'm glad I could cross it off the list, but I'm looking forward to shorter runs for the next three weeks.  It's downhill from here.  "Only" 14 next week!

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