Monday, August 22, 2011

Gym rat

Well, hardly.  But I got my gym on for the first time in a long time today.

I've been having a crisis of scheduling since school started.  Last week I made it through all my work tasks just fine, but the only day I ran was Monday.  That's right, I ran 5 miles last week.  Five miles for the whole week.  The week before I ran 33.

Since I'm running this marathon next month come hell or high water, I can't do that again.

Here's the problem: ANXIETY.  I know in my little nerd heart that I'll feel better if I get the run out of the way first thing in the morning.  That much is clear.  Waking up early isn't a problem since I go to bed about the same time as the folks at the retirement home around the corner.  But every day I "plan" to run goes like this:

1) Wake up to alarm
2) Look outside at dark sky
3) Panic
4) Go back to sleep and avoid my fear of running in the dark

What happens then, my friends, is that I say "oh I'll just run tonight."  I always want to, but then there are issues of food timing (like I can't eat a steak and then sprint around the neighborhood) and lately, heat.  Once it cools off or I'm done with whatever we're going to do for the night, it's dark outside again and I have to decide if it's worth being murdered to get that training run done.

It isn't.  I'm such a 'fraidy cat.

I used to have a treadmill (well, still have, only now it's a broken treadmill).  I decided I didn't want it in my room collecting laundry anymore though.  And when E's sleeping that makes it hard to want to run.  Yes, I can run at home when the kids are here, but it's not a real sturdy one and it moves a lot under my feet.  I'm also sure it isn't calibrated right, which means I'll be running a 12:00 mile and feel like I'm sprinting up steps, Rocky-style.


So I signed up for the gym for a while.  I haven't been a gym member since E and I were first married, and back then I didn't know anything about running or any other kind of fitness except wandering around the gym looking lost.  So I'm giving this a go.  It's a safe place to run at 4:30 in the morning.

Today I gave it a shot and it was wonderful.  So safe.  So bright.  Such nice treadmills.  I basically just want to drop in, run, and drive home--it worked out great for that.   I just listened to my lil' audiobook and I zenned (verb?) out for an hour.  I was going to do 7 but I got there a little late.  Tomorrow, hopefully.

I'm glad--I'm not a gym fan per se, but it's nice knowing I have somewhere to run that's safe and dry for  at least the next month until my race.  I have a feeling I'll keep the membership through the winter so I'm not out in the elements all the time.

Now if they just had another news channel besides Fox.  And I wasn't even in front of Fox, which would have been better.  Why, oh why did I choose the treadmill in front of the HOUR-LONG infomercial for reruns of the Carol Burnett show?

Next time I'll do better.

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  1. I have scheduling issues myself. I always try to run early in the AM but if the suns not out, I don't really like to run outdoors. I don't mind running in the pm but I don't like early in the AM. If you gotta join a gym just to use their treadmills that do it. Just keep running and you'll do great :)