Monday, August 01, 2011

Death by lasagna

Ergh.  Moan.  Groan.

I can't eat like that again.  Remind me, okay?  Just lasagna?  Fine.  Just shrimp diavolo in cream sauce?  Maybe.  But lasagna, chicken marsala, baked rigatoni with sausage, shrimp fra diavolo, chicken pesto pizza, bread, salad, etc etc etc all at once?

Nope.  And honestly probably not pasta in cream sauce again, under any circumstances.  And for the love of God, not with a coke.  What was I thinking?

I was miserable last night after dinner.  E had to call into work sick because his stomach is so jacked up from the Beastly Allergy Trifecta of wheat (pasta)-milk (cheese and cream)-tomatoes (sauce).  I feel like I have a pasta/cheese/grease hangover.  Bleh.  There was no way I was going to head out for my run this morning because I knew I'd still have all that food sitting in my stomach.  We were at a family-style restaurant that had portions advertised as "enough to feed a small country."  I thought since I was still malnourished-elephant-hungry after my long run Saturday, I could handle it.  It sounded good.  The thing is, it tasted good.  It was just too much, and we almost never eat like that anymore so our guts couldn't take it.

Although we've backed off the Gluten-free and allergen-free stuff in general because it didn't seem to make a lick of difference in how E feels, we've actually reshaped our diet anyway and I didn't realize how much.  I first started thinking more about food and cooking when I learned of E's allergies... then I read Michael Pollan... but what's happened in the meantime while I sought out some different options is that our tastes have totally changed.  Or maybe I should say our tolerances.

When I first got married, I cooked what I knew.  Meat, starch (pasta, potatoes or rice mixes, often out of a box), veggie, fruit.  Not terrible, but not perfect.  But I also made a lot of casseroles, most of them starting with opening a can of Cream of Something soup.  Those usually also included ingredients like sour cream and half a brick of cheese.  I had a much higher tolerance for that kind of cooking.

We might not be avoiding cheese altogether now, but we eat way less of it, and it's usually a small amount of good cheese rather than cups and cups of shredded cheddar.  We don't really eat anything with cream (or cream of ____ soups) in it anymore and barely any pasta.  We eat a sh*t-ton of veggies and fruit.  Most dinners at our house since the dawn of allergy awareness consist of something grilled, a roasted/grilled/steamed veggie and/or a salad, and a fruit.  We eat rice and potatoes or sweet potatoes sometimes, but we don't consistently have a starch, either and if we do it's pretty plain.  For breakfast the kids eat cereal like normal kids, but usually I drink a green smoothie.  I might have a sandwich from time to time for lunch, but mostly I'm eating salads or leftovers of dinner.

I guess it's just strange to me that there was a notable aftereffect from our dinner last night.  If I want to eat something, I'll eat it.  I'm not giving up pizza or anything.  I don't think of foods as "bad" or off limits.  But what I want to eat has moved shifted on the continuum.  I've realized that if I'm going to eat something cheesy or heavy, it has to be small, and I need to balance it out with a hefty scoop of veg.

I know, duh.

I just don't want to feel this lousy after a meal again.  I told E this morning that at least until my marathon I'm going to try to be on the good-eatin' wagon.  It just isn't worth losing the next day and being a slug.  I need to make better choices when it comes to eating out.  There's always a healthier option than pasta swimming in cream and cheese.  I need to choose it.  The end.

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  1. I'm tellin' ya.. I am the same way now. Pizza with too much cheese just kills and I feel so bloated after just a few pieces of bread. And don't get me started on gelato. It makes me wonder how long I was going through life not feeling awesome because I was consuming it regularly and thought how I felt was just my normal!