Thursday, August 04, 2011

Breathing in


Get me outta here.  I need to make a beeline for the coast.  I haven't seen the ocean this summer, so I'm a woman on a mission.

I need to inhale some salty sea air--the last vestiges of purest "real life" air--before it's back to the grind of 25 performances a week of the Mrs. P Show.  I need to stand at the edge of the continent and look out and feel small before I stare down 180 kids and try to act big.  I need to breathe in something real before I'm back to something manufactured.

Speaking of The Mrs. P Show, today I spent some money on teacher costumes clothes for her wardrobe.  I'm all set with a bunch of sensible (but not fugly) shoes and dresses that will hopefully contribute to the whole "she knows what she's talking about" thing I'm going for in my performance.  My classroom, should I choose to leave it alone for the next week, is in such a condition that I could walk in, flip the lights, and kick off the year without any trouble.

I'm beginning to get the first grumblings of nervous excitement about day one.  I'm also beginning to remember how long the first few weeks of school feel--how lonely, when I don't yet know any students by name and nobody is used to my special brand of self-effacing humor.  (There are a lot of crickets in my near future.)  But lunch today with two former students (two about-to-be-college-sophomores) was a nice reminder that there's so much to love about being a part of this time in kids' lives.  I can't wait to get to know the new batch because I'm sure there are a few gems in there, somewhere.

My kid-less week hasn't been quite as glorious as I imagined.  Where are the sunbeams shining down from heaven?  I don't hear the angel voices lauding my freedom.  But: it has been a productive week, and everything takes considerably less time when I'm not hauling the whole brood with me.  Two solid runs (probably the best I can hope for right now) and three busy days in my classroom this week--that's not a bad week, honestly.  And I got to go shopping all by myself, without having to remind any little people not to hide in clothing racks or peek under walls in a dressing room?  Score and a half.

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