Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who put Fatty in charge?

Some "people" at my house feel like they need to fight over the laptop lately.  I feel guilty every time I want to write and I have to lob Fatty or CrazyClaws McGee off the top.


Apparently it's an expensive cat bed and I was unaware.  Silly me.

After we got back from Yosemite I checked for pics on the website for the Half Marathon that wasn't.  At least I made the cut this time (unlike my first race when none of the race photographers caught me and my family missed my finish).  The pic below was taken right before the finish line when I just wanted to die be done.  Plus I really just wanted to know if my Garmin was really off by a mile or if somebody did a giant oops.  You know now which one it was

Please enjoy my ninja night-running threads and my this is not 13.1 miles face:

Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 10.53.14 PM

At 3:30 this morning I heard the alarm that meant it was time to get moving--today is going to be hot again, so we started our long run at 5:00 AM.  Getting there by 5:00 means leaving town by 4:30... yeesh.   But we did 16 miles again and I felt way better than I did a few weeks ago when I did that for the first time.  Next week I'm up to 19 miles.  I'm kinda scared, but I think it's going to be okay.  It's all kind of blending together at this point, anyway.

My priorities today are food, sleep, and then movies.  E and I tried to go out last night but Hanko worked himself into a post-vacation frenzy that ended in puke.  He seems to be better today.  I'm hopeful we can make it out.  Food is taken care of already.  That means it's time to sleep.  Seeya.

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  1. You look wonderful for running "not" 13.1 miles! I don't know any people that look that good when they're running!