Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Track Time

I was just not feelin' it this morning, but I knew if I put off my run like yesterday I'd spend all day worrying about it.  The alarm sounded at 5:00 and I had to get up.  It wasn't going to get any cooler outside.  My legs were completely dead from last night's hot, late, boring run.

I met Kel, Bill and Dave at the track and did the lamest impression of a speed workout ever demonstrated.

But: I ran 3 miles, and that's 3 more than I would've done by myself if I was at home in my bed.

And that, friends, is how you start off a good day.

I was a total butt about running, too, but I did it.  I'm hoping that I can get in an early run tomorrow--it was so nice outside in the morning--and that way I'll be all set to rest up Friday for 17 this Saturday.

You know how in Spaceballs they have "ludicrous speed"?  I feel like we're reaching ludicrous distance.

I'll be honest. I took these pics while I was walking like it was my job.

And... running in teeny circles again and again? Did anyone ever think about how silly a track is?

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