Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things I decided on Monday & Tuesday:

1) I'm going to make some naan.
2) I should have done some laundry by now, but it can wait.
3) I need to see the ocean before school starts.
4) I am going to swim as much as I can before August 15.  Not in the ocean though.
5) Nacho cheese Doritos + hummus = heartburn.
6) My uterus can suck it.
7) I have three weeks to finish two books.
8) I'm putting my classroom desks into groups this fall.  See PDawg try something new.
9) Running without an iPod isn't that bad.  It's just quiet.
10) I am not going to color or cut my hair before school.  I straightened it and I discovered it's not actually that gross.  Who knew.



  1. ooh I love this list and naan...yum! Have a happy week sweetie

  2. You didn't decide on Warrior Dash? :-)
    Your hair is cute! I'd kill for curly hair that straightens with so much body and volume!

  3. I have a beach idea that the pup will love too :) Day trips to Stinson Beach are my favorite.. a bit longer of a drive and curvy HIghway 1 for awhile before you get there, but once you do and you enter the far right entrance onto the beach and stay to the right, little pup can be leash free :) I take Baylie there and let he run back and forth chasing birds to her hearts content :)

  4. Check out Stinson Beach! I went with a bestie, my mini and my hubby and it was wonderful! I am so going to try to make the naan recipe that you posted, it sounds awesome!

  5. Your hair is super sexy in this pic.