Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thank you, Amazon.

My new (old) Kindle.
I lurve me some good customer service., you get a gold star. It was less than 48 hours ago that I even discovered that my Kindle was broken, but when I woke up from my post-dentist nap this afternoon I discovered a happy little box from the amz on my front porch. Not only does the replacement Kindle look better than my old one (I swear it's brand new) it arrived in less time than they said it would take to even ship it out.  The girl I spoke to on the phone was helpful and honest and answered all of my questions patiently.  I had a great experience with their customer service department.

I'm happy I decided to just replace my Kindle 2 rather than spend the money on a newer version.  If I was to replace it with a new 3G Kindle it would cost me close to $200.  This was only a $40 repair fee.  Honestly I've used mine and E's interchangeably and there's not much more to say about the new one than that it is smaller and the buttons are a bit quieter.  So, yeah.  Color me satisfied, Amazon.  You rock.

In other things-I've-broken news, I shipped out my Garmin a few days ago.  It has a greater distance to travel so I'm not expecting the new one just yet... but hopefully a few weeks from now I'll be back in Happy Digital Device Land.

And file this under ironic, but things are looking up around here.  Ironic, because we spent close to three hours at the dentist today.  In what has to be the most crap-tastic mouth of enamel-challenged teeth, anyway, my tooth from hell is reasserting himself as King D-bag by needing a replacement crown.  Today was (for me) a torture-session of metal-on-metal drilling to get the old one out so they can put a new one in a few weeks from now.  And because no trip to the dentist would be complete without my hearing oh, wow, this is worse than I thought, my dentist made sure I could check that off on the to-do list.  I love getting awesome little nuggets of conversation from the dentist that are things like oh, I see why you wore through it before... it wasn't set right and you didn't have enough room in your mouth for the way they set the crown.  I just laugh to myself because they in this case is the same person who is putting in the new one.  Whatevs.

So as I said, dentistry aside, it's been better than the start of this week when I was King Midas of Opposite Land, breaking everything I touched. I read for a long time today which made me feel like it was summer.  Truthfully I've had enough of Anna Karenina and now I just want to finish.  (200 more pages, I think?)  It was slow going in the beginning and then it was interesting but now it's just a lot more of the same and I want it to end.  I am not spellbound.  It went from feeling like summer fun to feeling like summer reading.  Those silly Russians.  Maybe that's good so I have a sense of what I'm making my AP kids do.  But even reading a book you're not that into when you're off work for the summer is better than reading a book you're not that into and having to get up the next day and be a responsible grownup.  So it's still a win.  But I'm definitely going to read something sugar-sweet (and "bad") about shoes or shopping or murder next to cleanse my literary palate of all that fibrous Russian diction.  Then I can go back to being the smart kid.

I decided not to run today and in light of my dental challenges I'm glad I did.  Doesn't hurt the ol' legs to rest a bit before I tackle 17 this weekend.  Yes I'm still scared of running for 17 miles.  Holy Pete.

E was out tonight with a high school friend who's home on leave from Afghanistan, so the monks and I joined ML/B for some chicken wings and froyo.  Clean eating be damned, sometimes you just need a summer night out with your friends.  I think my inability to consume food the rest of the day in my novocained state made up for whatever I ate tonight, anyway.  And now I've got the windows open so I can listen to the slightest of breezes through my little vegetable garden.  Goodnight, Internet.

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