Monday, July 18, 2011

Read. Run. Read. Read. Run.

Okay, I'm not quite so angry anymore.  No sense in hanging on to that kind of frustration.  Time to set my sights on 26.2 in September.

I decided I'd start the day and the week off right.  I had a good run this morning: 7 miles.  I pushed it a little longer on distance since I'm not sure what the rest of the week is going to look like.  But I took it really, really easy.  One of my frustrations with myself during the race was that I wasn't keeping my heart rate low enough, so I deliberately ran a really easy run today and kept my average HR about 80%.  That's comfy run territory.

Making today's run all the more enjoyable was another audiobook I put on my iPhone--another one that's been sitting on our computer for years that I never listened too.  Back when I downloaded it, we had an Audible membership--and I'm considering it again now that I'm plowing through the audiobooks while I run.  But first I have to "use up" what we already have.  Anyway, the book is The Birth of Venus, historical fiction set in 15th century Florence.  You know, de Medicis and all that jazz.  I remember downloading it when I was reading (and loving) The Other Boleyn Girl.  It's along those same lines, or those of Girl with A Pearl Earring.  At any rate it's entertaining and certainly less complicated than Anna Karenina, so it's exactly what I was craving.

I had a beezy of a time getting myself out of bed and out the door, but it paid off.  This morning was one of those idyllic mornings of quiet calm and perfect temperatures.  I saw the wild turkey around the corner with her six young poults (I had to look that up!).  I was glad to see that they're all still alive.  I also saw several rabbits, a host of geese, two orange and two black cats that I'm beginning to recognize on my regular route.  (Alert the presses:  I'm becoming my grandfather.  You're welcome for the wildlife update.  You'll know I've crossed completely over when I start naming them things like Mr. Peanut.)

And in the same category of general bookishness, I made it about halfway through my other book, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand last night.  I feel like I should finish it up so it stops hanging over my head.  Oh, and I downloaded The Hunger Games because I've been wanting to read it, and it is only $4.69 for the Kindle right now.  See?  Crazy.  I think I might be well into the throes of a serious book addiction.  I can't read fast enough, or frankly, enough, lately.  I feel like I'm 12 years old again.  It won't last long, though.  I've got a day of house-cleaning and grocery shopping ahead.


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