Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Not much to say about today.

Today was kind of a bummer day. Checked my students' AP scores this morning--abysmal. Blamed myself, tried to talk to E about it, got in a spat about something unrelated. Decided I'd run. E said he needed to leave to go to the store. No running. Made up, decided I'd read while he was gone to help myself stop thinking about the scores... turned on my Kindle and it was cracked just like the Garmin. Totally unusable. Burst into tears like a five year old. Been restless and emotional all day. It's not even that week for crap's sake.

Still haven't gone for a run since it's eleventy billion degrees. Oh, and someone (*cough, cough* HENRY) ate the last pickle.

We're just going to wake up tomorrow and have a better day.

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