Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Joining the revolution

It's been a long time since Hutch mentioned the revolution, but today my excitement could only be conveyed by one exuberant


My new (old) replacement Garmin came!  Waaaaahooodles!

I was just starting to get a bit pouty about having to run all the time without knowing my pace and heart rate simultaneously... you know, like all those mortals since, um, you know, the dawn of time-ish.  Running without knowing your stats is so 64 A.D.*

I was also starting to get the pit sweats about trying to run my third half marathon this weekend without some kind of time-keeping device. Since it's a night race I can't even drag around my sundial.

I'm so tempted to go out and run right now just so I can high-five myself all the way across town for being so aware of my own sloth-like pace, but alas we *cough, cough* have to go to Leatherby's tonight for family ice cream night to celebrate my sister Lis' promotion.  *sigh*

*Of course back then, they only had one pace, right?  Fast enough.  If you weren't, you got eaten by a bear or an alligator or Jimbo The Crazy Gaul.


  1. I keep thinking I'm going to see you out running someday (we're on the bike trail all the time during the summer). But alas, no Heather high fiving herself while running yet.
    This is Tracy (of the former Cheap) btw. Trying things out with a new blog. :)

  2. AH I am so bummed! I almost signed up for that half and then changed my mind! Should have stuck with it! Well have so much fun! Tell us how the night run goes, I am excited to hear about it!

  3. It HAS been far too long, must change that! Glad you got your new (old) garmin before the run.

  4. I can't run with out my garmin anymore - I don't even know how you DID it! :) Are you doing the CIM? Congrats on your 3rd marathon... you rockstar, you!