Thursday, July 07, 2011

Garden Greens


basil, corn, lemon cucumber and bell pepper
(Until two years ago I only ate one of the four!)

I love to head right out into my garden each morning so I can see what's changed since the day before.  Things are moving along well in this July heat--not a lot of red or orange yet--everything is green, green, green.  Eat your heart out, Kermie.

This morning's harvest was two zucchini, one yellow squash, and two round lemon cukes.  I took a picture of said harvest, but I couldn't figure out a way to crop it that would help me avoid "um, those veggies on your blog look kind of X-rated" comments.  For similar reasons I did not snap a pic of our burgeoning Japanese eggplant.  It's about how you would picture it.

Just as I was hanging on to a fence board to balance myself and straddling my herbs to get a better shot of a newly blushing tomato, the garden sprinklers came on.  Oopsie.

I'm overjoyed with the magic that is growing my own food.  Agriculture is neat.


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  1. One of my tomato plants is doing AWESOME.. the other two suck :( But I do have jalapenos and thai peppers.. and basil. Good enough for this year :)