Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun with text messages

So when I'm not using my iPhone as a mirror to check the back of my french braid,

I might actually use it to you know, communicate.

But the weirdest thing is happening this summer.  Every year my teaching partner and I give our our phone numbers to students so they can call if they have questions about the summer work.  Fine.  Nobody has ever abused the privilege and I usually get a handful of timid calls about spacing or formatting or whatever.  I figure that AP kids can be trusted to call if they need help.

This year they've been texting, though.  Is it just me, or is that weird?

I got this one a few days ago.  Since it was a kid I'd had in a dance class a few years ago, I just responded, shrugged it off and moved on.

I'm going to go ahead and say if there would have been such a thing as texting when I was in high school and I would have been brave enough to send a text to a teacher who had not specifically told us to do so (I wouldn't), you bet your SWEET BIPPY I would have edited that thing within an inch of its life.  "yor"? "i"? "ap" in lower case letters? "suppoed"? It just made me smile because it seemed strange.  I don't want people to start editing my texts so I didn't say anything.  But I thought: Kids these days.  Scheez.

Then I got this one:

1.  How about introducing yourself, Genius?
3.  How about you remember the fact that you texted me in the first place, hmm?

I have no idea who this was, and I didn't get a response.  Oh, high schoolers.  You are funny.

Let's just assume that if you text someone for the first time, you might want to let them know who you are, ESPECIALLY IF THAT PERSON IS ABOUT TO BE YOUR AP ENGLISH TEACHER.

Angry Bullock does not approve.

I did have this grin-worthy text exchange with Gluten-free E today:

So it's not a total loss.


  1. I love you both but still think you guys are weird. :)

    And I text my bosses when I'm going to be sick instead of calling in...and you bet your booty I spell check that sucker!

  2. My boyfriend is a community college professor and he doesn't give out his number but will occasionally get weird texts from students. You're right that students should be a bit more conscious of their spelling/grammar when texting their AP English teacher!

    Your text with your hubby is super adorable!

  3. Oh the fun I would have had with the question "What is a round, stock character?" Additionally, I almost fell out of my chair when reading the exchange with E. The other intern at work looked at me funny.