Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Frappucchinism is Deadly Sin #8

What is it about having a free thing that makes me go a little nuts?  Starbucks managed to bring out my inner glutton today.  I've been suckered (not really) into registering my gift cards so I rack up points.  Do you know about this?  If you earn enough points you get a *ahem* gold card?  And then if you keep using the gold card you get a free drink every 15 drinks?  Plus things like soy, flavored syrup, etc, for free anytime you use the card?  I know, I know.  But I figure:

1) Let's be honest.  I'm already giving my money to Starbucks.
2) Why NOT get free soy milk, you know?
3) Everybody loves a free drink.

I also totally like that there's an iPhone app so I can see how much is on my card before I go in to the store.  I can see how many drinks I've earned toward my 15.  No more guessing.  It has helped me avoid the thing where I have twelve cards in my wallet and they all have 16 cents on them.  Now when I get a card I just enter it and toss it.  I only keep the one card.  And actually, I just learned this week that I can pay with the app.  I don't even need the card.  Damn you, Starbucks.  You won.

So today I took my lil' free coupon in--and it's good for a free drink of any size.  Of course this means I order a vat of diabetes venti mocha frappuccino.  Don't worry, I'm not drinking those regularly when it's on my dime. Normally it's iced coffee or a soy latte but something about just knowing I'm not going to pay for it makes me want to go buck wild and max out on calories and sheer volume.

I am both amused and sickened by my own behavior.  But the fact that I essentially drank a milkshake at 8:00 AM?  WINNING.

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