Sunday, July 31, 2011

Even more books... the rest of the Hunger Games series

Catching Fire and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

As you might recall, I took The Hunger Games (book 1 of the series) with me to Yosemite and I really liked it.  E and I both did.  I'm thinking Addie is not quite old enough for it yet but she will be soon; I was happy to find another good series of kids' books.

Immediately after finishing THG I dove into Catching Fire.  It was entertaining, but it felt like a transition to something larger.  I was cool to hang in there and see where it was going.  Unfortunately, I wasn't really that pleased with the final book.

Let me shorthand my review of the series for ya:

HUnger Games Jul 31, 2011 9-09 AM 2560x5120

Book I was good, Book II felt like it was building to something exciting, and then Book III was kind of a letdown.

No, I didn't put on makeup or brush my hair before I took those pics.  Suck it, haters.


Catching Fire was a continuation of many of the themes that the first book set up.  Where the first book was more of a hunter/hunted situation, the second book was a survival-of-the-group/riddle thing.  Cool.  I felt like it was a slightly different take on the same thing and though I didn't love it as much as the first one, it was enjoyable and I was still hooked.

Mockingjay had the potential to be really great, but a lot of it was slow and then the end just didn't pan out.  It's not that I mind what happened so much, but I felt like it should have ended with a much bigger showdown between good and evil.  That's about all I can say without spoiling things for everyone.

I still highly recommend the first book and I genuinely liked the second.  The thing is, you're going to read the first one and want to keep reading the rest.  I did.  I just would have liked for the series to finish on a stronger note.

My recommendation: You're going to read these two anyway if you read the first book.  So go ahead, but don't blame me when you finish the last one and it's kind of meh.


  1. I totally agree. It was entertaining, but the first one was definitely the best.

  2. I agree!!! I hated the ending of the third book! But it is very good writing.