Thursday, July 14, 2011

Choose to listen

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The last year has been an effort toward positivity, toward finding joy in the moment.  I've tried to focus less on where I'm going so I can enjoy where I am.  Already my thirties have been such an awakening to the fact that I'm never going to reach a magical finish line where everything will permanently settle into perfection.  To that end, I've had to redefine my attitude--I don't want to spend the next part of my life waiting for something that never arrives--I'd rather be happy here.  I seem to only remember sporadically, though, so last night I went searching through my own archives to remind myself of what I already know.

Often my therapist will ask a series of questions that lead me back around to a discovery about some truth I already possess, some capability I have laying dormant that will serve me in the situation at hand.  I like the idea that all of the skills I need are within me already.  If I close my eyes and listen to my heart, I don't need a black feather to fly.

This is for me more than anybody, but here's what I already know to be true:

It's easy to make an opportunity out of a threat.  Nervousness, anticipation and excitement all feel the same.

The I'll-be-happy-when-s never bring anything but fatigue and frustration.  Joy can be found anywhere.

Mondays are a new opportunity to start fresh.  Whatever didn't work out the week before is over and you get a do-over.

Real life is what matters.  (As Anna Quindlen says, "don't ever confuse the two, your life and your work.")  The people in your real life matter more, too.

Carrying over the remainder of stress from work to home will kill your peace and steal you away from your family even when you're standing in front of them.

Leave open time in your calendar for things to happen or for nothing to happen.

Nothing wonderful lasts forever.  Nothing horrible lasts forever.  The bad makes you appreciate the good when it comes.

Extra sleep can fix a mood, a day, or a body better than most medicines.

The hardest thing about running is just getting out the door.

Sometimes anxiety is just the avoidance of anger.  It's okay to get mad.  Feel and be done with it.

People are not black and white--most of us live in the grey and it's not reasonable to hold a line with them.  Accept the imperfection and be grateful that people do that for you.

Forgive and forgive and forgive and hopefully someone will show you the same kindness.

Go for a walk.  Get outside.  Be alone.  Be thankful.  Breathe.

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