Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adjust those expectations

Step one: Head out to Kohl's for kid shorts, Spongebob underpants* and school backpacks.  Decide you need Starbucks first. Make a detour.

Step two: Drive to Kohl's for real.  Go inside.  Realize at about women's dresses that you forgot your 30% off coupon.  Pack the kids in the car and drive home.  (30% is worth it, right?)

Step three:  Find coupon.  Drive to Kohl's again.  Shop for an hour and half, including two sessions in the dressing room with your decision-phobic daughter.  Proceed to register with all yer loot.  Proudly stack the fruit of your bargain-hunting labor upon the counter.  Top proudly with 30% off coupon.

Step four:  Watch the girl at the register blink vacantly at you as she tells you that your coupon isn't good until TOMORROW.

Step five: Leave, dejected.

Expect great things?  Maybe adjust those expectations a bit.

I put all the stuff on hold, but for the love of summer and Sloughouse corn, what's the matter with me?

*For Henry.  Get serious, people.


  1. Hahaha! This completely captures the Kohls experience. So rewarding, so frustrating.

  2. Come out to the Corn Festival in Sloughhouse this weekend!!! Visit me! :-) I'll have a table of art.

  3. Haha, we had a similar experience at Kohls the other day! We were doing a bit of pre-college shopping, and when we got home discovered said coupon in our mail. 'Couse, we felt much better when it wouldn't be valid for another week.

    BTW, have you ever thought about running in the new Tinker Bell Half Marathon at Disneyland? You can check it out here: http://espnwwos.disney.go.com/events/rundisney/tinker-bell-half-marathon/