Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things I dropped yesterday:

1) My purse. Shattered a bottle of grey nail polish that was at the bottom. Didn't realize until I smelled it all over everything inside, including the screen of my iPhone.

2) My phone in the driveway on the way to Henry's school. No damage. Phew.

3) The Flip Camera in the driveway on the way home from Henry's school. Luckily I just scratched the plastic on the side.

4) My Garmin on the wood floor in my bedroom immediately after I got home. Cracked the screen/display and now I can't read 1/3 of the data fields.

5) My phone in the kitchen as we left to go to the movies. No damage, I think. Maybe some scratches to the outside.

I'm trying hard not to beat myself up about the Garmin. I love my Garmin. I use it all the time. The idea that I could accidentally break something that I can't afford to replace just breaks my heart. I know it's just a thing, but it's improved my running tremendously. I rely on it. It was such a thoughtful gift from E and I think it has helped me take my running to a more serious level this year. I'm just so mad at myself for being clumsy... and what the heck... was something wrong with me yesterday? E was witness to my lack of coordination and even he couldn't figure it out. I shouldn't be this sad about a THING but I am.



  1. Ah sweets I'm so sorry about your Garmin. Check with Bill about how to get the screen fixed. He dropped and cracked his too. It's cheaper than replacing the whole Garmin. :-(

  2. Awww, I know how you feel when you damage something you rely on. It makes you so sad, well at least it does for me.

    But if you need a new garmin, I can get you one for slightly more than wholesale pricing - let me know if you need it!

  3. It's okay to be sad about a thing that you have been able to use to make some great changes! I say see if there is a way to get it fixed! I hope so!