Thursday, June 16, 2011

Roodle Gets Some Awards' Season Buzz

It's that time of year... Third graders are trotted into the cafeteria Multi-purpose Room to get some accolades for all of this year's accomplishments.

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The metal folding chairs always hurt my backside, but I'm so happy to see my little smartie earn some awards.  Of course I had a quiet but unnecessary freak-out when they didn't call her name for Silver Cougar (all A's and B's) and I thought either a) something happened with her math grade that I wasn't aware of or b) she was forgotten.  All was not lost, though, because she earned the Golden Cougar for all A's, all year about 10 minutes later.  Phew!  (She reminded me after the ceremony that I had this same freak out last year.  Oops.)

I know I'm not supposed to complain about these type of things, but the ceremony was a little on the long side.  I had my Kindle in my bag and I pulled out Anna Karenina to pass the time (only while the other teachers were presenting--swear).  You know something is dry when Russian literature seems more captivating.  On that note, I've all but abandoned Major Pettigrew for now and I'm "reading" Tolstoy both through the audio book and my Kindle.  AK is so challenging to get through that I figure one set of characters is enough for my little brain to handle at a time.  I'm not a two-book-at-a-time girl.

But back to Roo, who is the reason we all gathered here today.

I'm happy that my girl got some well-deserved recognition.  It's been a rough week.  She had a skating party with her class on Tuesday and since she's been skating only one other time in her life, it was a total and complete disaster.  She was falling, she was embarrassed, she was one of the few who couldn't skate.  It was like something out of a Judy Blume novel.  It was like someone bottled the memory of my most painful elementary school experience and made my kid drink it.  As you can imagine this breaks my heart into a million little shards.  All week I've been kicking myself for not knowing that by third grade you're supposed to already know how to skate... you're supposed to be an already-seasoned skater.  Oh, the guilt.  But I'm glad the week took an upswing from there.  She seems to be dealing with it just fine after lots of hugs and crying and swimming in Grandma's pool.

I always leave these awards ceremonies with one important question on my mind.  HOW THE HECK DOES ANY KID GET PERFECT ATTENDANCE?  I mean, seriously?  There's no way those kids didn't get sick.  So my thought process is this:  1) your kid gets sick, 2) you force your kid to go to school, 3) your kid infects my kid and then 4) I make my kid stay home.  WHY ARE WE GIVING THESE PEOPLE AWARDS?

Okay, I'm just jealous.  Perfect attendance is award that neither I nor my children will ever receive.

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