Monday, June 20, 2011

Ribbin' it up

Rib collage

It's a funny thing about family. Tradition gives events momentum. There's a natural comparison that I like when something gets done year after year. I'm all about repeating things in order to see how differently they play out. Our little rib cook-off that could started six years ago and it has grown to such a goofy, delicious, highly-anticipated good time that it doesn't ever seem to disappoint. I love coming from a family of creative and brave cooks, both male and female. I love that we can trash talk and compete but when it comes down to it we all get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I love the flavors--both in personality and food.

I love that in the midst of all that smoky meat goodness, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have a grandfather, dad and husband in my life who are three different but equally wonderful models of what it means to father.

This year Aunt Anne made blueberry mojitos (do I have a new favorite drink? Survey says YES) and we ixnayed the appetizers to save room for meat. Sides did not include the usual coleslaw (one thing I did miss) but the old standbys--macaroni salad and a huge plate of fruit--didn't disappoint. We rounded out the evening (post-vote) with my mom's insanely delicious homemade strawberry ice cream and Lis' lemon meringue pie that looked like Guy Fieri's hair. In a good way.

My grandparents' backyard is a shady oasis in the middle of our small town. Watching the sun descend behind the oak trees as our bocce game clacked away, I was so thankful. What a good day, the kind I know I will want to hang on to for the rest of my life as a remember when...

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