Sunday, June 12, 2011

Of Cherries and Jail-Breaking Felines

Hi friends.

I'm feeling pretty good today after my longest run ever.  The ice bath, lots of stretching and foam rolling... it's all helping.  The side of my right knee is sore, but not like it has been after long runs before.  I will defeat this IT band issue and keep running.  I will.  Dammit.


Today's goal has been to find a use for the pounds and pounds of delectable Rainier cherries that Lis (picked and) delivered for us yesterday.  Over the past few years I've discovered a love for cherries--but that love is now uncontrollable since my Aunt (and fellow jam enthusiast) gave me a cherry pitter for my birthday.  That's one of those things that I can't imagine ever living without.  It makes cherry-eating and cherry-baking so much easier!  Exclamation point!

I've been planning to make cherry jam for a while but I hadn't gotten around yet to buying the Bings.  I don't think the Rainiers will make as pretty of a jam since they're not dark, so I set about looking for a sweet cherry pie recipe today.  Apparently those are few and far between?  Who knew.

A little Google-sleuthing led me to Smitten Kitchen, so I'm giving her all butter pie crust and sweet cherry pie a shot today.  I figure even if it's gross I have eleventy billion more pounds of cherries.  Plus E is a pie man and I'm pretty sure I've seen him shovel nastier pies into his yap before than anything I could make.  I think at some point one gets distracted enough by the TV and it doesn't matter... at least that's what I'm banking on.  Sunday night is usually a good night for TV so that will help anything sub-par to go down.

You guys, I even made my own pie crust.  I'm sure you think this is because I can tell the difference between homemade and store bought or that I feel like I'd shame my family if I purchased a pre-made one.  Nope.  Too lazy to drive to the store when I was JUST THERE at 10:00 last night.  Plus, the last time I slaved over a flaky pie crust because I thought it was what my Grandma Lila would do, she took a bite and told me how she buys the refrigerated, rolled up kind.  Ha!  Smart lady.  Grandma-emulation FAIL.  So yeah.  I made my own because that was easier than finding a bra, putting on shoes, driving.

Currently we're macerating.  One of my favorite words.

And this is probably my favorite thing of the last week.  Or at least, it was until Cookie learned how to push the bottom of the screen out this morning and escape.  I nabbed her but now she can't be left alone with the screen.  Turd.


  1. Yeah, after my cats ripped a hole in the screen and escaped, we watch them pretty closely now. I do have to say that the photo with those two staring outside is gorgeous!

  2. Just thought I would give you a heads up. Kayla's in town and wants to steal your kitty. :) Love that pic of the 2 at your door.

  3. Smitten Kitchen is my favorite food blog (well, that one and 101 cookbooks)...every recipe I've tried has been amazing. Plus, look for the links in her text to the pictures of her little boy; he's ridiculously cute!