Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lazy Time with Paul

Oh, Paul Newman. Thank you for getting me through an afternoon of sore legs and ravenous hunger. There's nothing quite like a good Paul Newman movie. (I love the tagline about the angry young moderns.) Nothing like young Paul. I'm enjoying The Young Philadelphians.

This morning we ran 14.24 miles and my legs are trashed. I'm so tired! I'm so hungry. 14 is the longest run I've ever done--just a mere .9 miles longer than a half marathon (my longest distance to date) but mentally that was a big milestone. Today's run was even more of a challenge because it included a fair amount of hills, something my body still isn't used to. It's nice running in the early morning light, though, and it wasn't too warm. I'm really happy we went out today.

I feel good, though. I had some IT awareness (I wouldn't call it pain--more like tugging that would have turned into pain if I ignored it) so I had to stretch a lot. But I was able to keep going and I didn't feel like I was doing any damage. When I got home I made myself sit in an ice bath for ten (miserable) minutes to try to cut down on the inflammation, too. I know I'll be sore tomorrow just from using the different muscles to get up and down those hills. I've stretched twice already today and I'm going to keep making myself do that all weekend.

I'm trying not to eat everything in sight, even though my body is trying as hard as it can to refuel the 1600 or so calorie burn from the 2 3/4 hour run. I will let you know that E is working on a rack of smoked ribs (test run for next weekend's big annual contest) and I am eagerly anticipating a sizable dinner with an ice cold beer. I'm going to have to stay away from our pantry for the next couple of hours so I don't tank up before the ribs come off the smoker.

God, getting a run like that done early on a Saturday feels so great. Not only am I proud of myself (apologies for the blatant horn-tooting that's going on in this post, but I'm totally feeling the aftereffects of a new distance), but I love knowing that I am DONE for the weekend and I can enjoy myself guilt-free without a workout hanging over my head. I see a big nap in my future tomorrow, maybe some slow walking and a lot of reading.

Life is good.

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