Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From the "Duh" Department

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1. Okay, I know I am not going to win any Awesome Blogger Photo Collage awards with that monstrocity that is the above photograph, but sometimes you just work with what you've got.  What I've got right now is a heap o' pictures of melted cats and swimming kids.

2.  About those cats.  They're so funny.  The younger two are acting like they're about to die for basically the last three days.  It's hot, cats.  I get it.  But your legs still work.  I think.  You ain't gonna get yo'self more pebbles by acting like a cat moat that encircles my feet.

3.  Heat is no fun when it comes to Hurley dog.  It might seem like it would make him tired a la the cats, but instead he sleeps all day and then at night suddenly he's all HEY GUYS CAN WE PLAY NOW CAN I EAT DO YOU HAVE HOTDOGS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU GUYS AND SO HUNGRY AND OH LOOK A KITTEN.  So, I have had enough of him.  He's so excited all the time he's shaking like a grade A dork.  I keep forgetting to take him on my runs which means this is 100% my own fault.

4.  I have speedwork tomorrow.  I am nervous.  Speedwork is scary.  Running in tiny circles on a track is scary.  I've overcome my fear of running long distances with other people.  Running short distances with other people?  Unreasonably scary.  The end.

5.  I'm still so sad and mad at myself about the Garmin.

6.  Swimming feels so good when it's hot, amIright?

7.  My body feels okay with the increased mileage I've been doing... the only area where I'm noticing a difference is in a frantic and compelling desire to jam as many carbs as possible into my face.  I think I've been dreaming about gluten products.  Little dancing pizza crusts... donut holes... soft pretzels high-fiving baguettes and jumping into a noodley sea of pasta.  I'm not acting on all of those cravings, but holy heck, dudes.  I've told you before, I'm the anti Paleo.  Hunt and gather this.

8.  E and I are hard at work on our future award-winning rib entry into the annual Kynaston family Father's Day Rib Cookoff.  You might remember that we won last year.  Dominated, you might say.  We've got a great idea for this year complete with an equally laudable name.  Can't wait to post the recipe.

9.  Stretching is so dumb.  I hate that it helps me.  I am so bored when I'm stretching.  I wish it didn't work and then I would quit, quit, quit.  Instead now I'm President of the IT Stretchers Association.  We have embroidered polo shirts.  LAME.

10.  Watching LOST again this summer... even better then it was the first time because I don't have to get the scaredies all the time.  Jack didn't die now.  Sawyer didn't die now.  Nikki and Paulo don't matter.  I just recite these little diddies to myself as I watch and I'm only 70% as freaked out as I was the first time.  WIN.

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