Saturday, June 04, 2011


Victory is mine, victory is mine, great day in the morning, people, victory is mine... I drink from the keg of glory, Donna. Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land.

I washed all of our dirty laundry.  Finally.  14 loads?  15?  I lost count in the teens.

Two things happening this week at my house.  West Wing and folding clothes.  Lots of both.  I quote Josh Lyman (in one of Hutch's favorite quotes) because I feel like it sums up my feelings perfectly this morning now that I've beaten the laundry monster.  That pile of clothes on the floor?  Gone.  That basket of forlorn orphaned socks?  Gone.  The pile of winter clothes that nobody had time to wash once it got was supposed to get warmer? Finito.

It feels good.  I'm sure it doesn't feel as good as it would to be a responsible, normal mom who was able to wash, clean and organize her home all year round. For me, this is pretty good.  I always feel like if I can start fresh at the beginning of summer, I will have an easy time keeping up with it.  And history proves that it's not too big a chore to keep my home once I can start at a manageable place.  It's just more work getting there some years than others.

Have I ever shared this video showing the easy way to fold t-shirts?  I don't think I have.  I remember someone emailed us this video long ago and it rocked my folding world.  You can just rewind and replay the video 5,000 times and you will have an accurate sense of what I did all day.

Neat, right?

I just looked at my Facebook page and my last three status updates were all about laundry.  Wow, P.  You're so awesome.  To say I've been consumed with this would be an understatement.  I'm a little frustrated that I spent 1 1/2 days on clothes (while E spent about 2 hours on dishes--yeah, things were that far gone around here) and my house still isn't really clean.  That's today.  Sweep and scrub.

It's organized better--and yesterday I (tearfully) cleared the kitchen of baby bibs, bottle accessories, toddler silverware and sippy cups.  Henry is 6 and I am just now letting that go.  *sigh*  Since I was in a let's-clean-things-that-are-emotionally-difficult-so-we-can-move-on mood, I finally emptied Marms the cat's cupboard underneath my bathroom sink of her bed too.  Letting go of physical things is hard.  I'm all superior when I watch Hoarders, but deep down I can understand how an unreasonable attachment to a physical object is possible.  E was washing dishes when I cleaned out the baby stuff and we both had a little moment over this teeny tiny pink scrub brush.  Such an insignificant object, but it was one we both had vivid memories of using repeatedly to scrub out the insides of the kids' bottles.  It's weird how a thing can become a part of your life that way.

Anyway, I know I'm better off for getting rid of this stuff.  I did two kitchen drawers, the bathroom cupboards and my closet.  Not a lot of real estate in those three things, but a huge emotional release.  And two years ago I dumped the entire sock basket in the trash.  This weekend I did the same thing. After I found all the matches, the lonelies went away.  I feel so free.

I'm hoping I can move out of the crazy laundry lady stage today and have something more exciting to blog about.  Don't hold your breath, though.

Foldy McFabricsoftener


  1. Heather, how is that you can put clear words to things I am feeling? Thank you!

  2. Hey Beck! I'm just glad I'm not the only one with a laundry monster taking over my life. :)