Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Elsewhere around the 'webs and in my Reader

I flove Google Reader. Every morning I wake up to an inbox (essentially) of blog articles from every corner of the internet that interests me. I never have to open a blog page to see if there's a new post.  Seriously, who would've dreamed that we'd each be able to cull information from any source we'd like into one convenient place?

It's like getting my very own tailor-made magazine in the mail every day.  LURVE.

Some things I've starred this week:

Simple Mom didn't disappoint with this post about applying the HALT Method to parenting.  I'll admit to not being familiar with the acronym (Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired) and how when one is feeling deficient in one of those areas, s/he needs to practice careful decision-making.  This article was thought-provoking enough to me that I can see applications in marriage, too.  It's amazing how we act when we're feeling a need in one of those four areas.  Great post.  I'm going to be pondering it in light of teaching and marriage for quite some time.

Marta, daughter of Marty (are you following?  I adore them both...) posted her mom's red velvet cake recipe and a cute 4th of July-themed inspiration post.  I've never made a red velvet cake but suddenly I'm thinking I might try?

Cely of Running off the Reeses wrote a great post about college... and inadvertently sparked a huge debate about whether or not people should go into teaching as a career.  Go read the post but check out the comments too.  I think it's an important dialogue and I'm happy she brought it up, honestly.  ROTR is also a new favorite of mine.  Hilarious blog.

As Heidi settles into motherhood I'm moved by what she's writing.  I'm so happy for her and Joe.

On Sometimes Sweet there's a new regular feature, Journal Day.  It sparked some thought about my own classroom this coming school year and since I read it I've been allowing my imagination to run a bit wild with plans.  I think this means summer vacation is working--I'm moving into the phase where I get a little bit giddy about the opportunity of a new school year.

I thought I liked Annemarie, but her love of office supplies just about sealed it.

As I try to simplify and clarify my life (as I type that, I'm picturing butter), posts like this one from Zen Habits are important for me to read.  I have a hard time letting go, but in letting go I often find release.  The post was a good reminder to me.

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