Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Iran... Iran so far away...

I can't think I ran without hearing Lonely Island in my head. Anyway.

I ran fifteen this morning. Fifteen miles for the first time in my life. Not Fifteen Miles on the Eerie Canal or anything, but fifteen miles just the same.

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty trashed right now. I got home, iced once, took a shower, iced again... lounged around, ate a boatload of food, swam a little, and now I'm laying in my bed like it's my job. I wish I could say I ran fifteen and I came home smiling to a busy, productive day but instead I have been kind of whiny and lame. It's a good think I cleaned yesterday because at least I didn't have to feel too guilty about being such a sloth.

It was a good run. I remembered to update my iPhone so I had plenty of Tolstoy to occupy my mind. Today was probably the day to do my long run this week. When I left the house it was actually kind of cool outside, and though it warmed a bit it never got hot. I averaged something like an 11:45 pace even though I walked on and off for the last 2.5 miles. My hip/knee/IT band wasn't hurting, but unfortunately I was getting some really strong zings of pain through what felt like my sciatic nerve.

Google, M.D. seems to think I have a piriformis issue. I'm not surprised. When I saw my physical therapist and sports medicine doc for the IT band, I was having some minor pain there too. I think (in my incredibly under-qualified medical opinion) that the strengthening I've been doing to my outer hip muscles is good, but I wasn't balancing it with stretching of my inner thigh--and now I've developed a different problem. NBD, I'll just add a few more stretches to the ones I'm already doing. But, ugh. I was kind of annoyed to have a new issue--such a literal pain in the butt--today when I was on the road. The last five miles were hard because I was having this zinging kind of nervy pain. That's the best way I can describe it.

No biggie, though. Some motrin and some rest later I'm feeling tired but the pain down the leg disappeared by this afternoon. I'm just exhausted. I set out to run fourteen this morning, but I forgot to write down the street names so I ended up adding a half mile to my "out" of the out and back... hence fifteen once I made it home.

And about Anna Karenina... I am liking it but I'm also at a point where I just wish I could finish it already. I feel like it's taking over my reading life and since I decided not to start anything else (because I need all my brain cells to keep those crazy Russians straight from each other) it's all Russia all the time. I don't really have much with which to compare it--my only other foray into Russian Lit was Ivan Denisovich in AP in high school, which I found wickedly, hideously boring. This is definitely more interesting, but the style (translation, maybe?) is still kind of dry. It's all tell and no show. The best part about it is that it's like something by Jane Austen--you know, everyone is all in everyone else's business--but instead of being all English and stuffy, everyone is having affairs and nobody is covering them up. So that's something. I'm sure I'll have more to say about it when I'm finished... in about ten more years. (Seriously, Kindle tells me I'm 47% through it, or page 544 of 1216... and I'm pretty sure I've been reading it since I was a toddler. HYPERBOLE.)

Anyway (yeah I said that twice, cut me some slack because my legs might fall off tonight), that's about it Internets. Two things are good about having this run done: 1) I don't have to run long again this week, and 2) I got to replace a whole lotta calories I burned this morning. Okay, wait. Three things. 3) I didn't die. I'm gonna call this one a win.

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  1. Ok, you brought something up that I was wondering about. Everytime I post I wonder what the English teacher reading my blog must think. I hate proof-reading, but try to do it quickly so I can delete the multiple words I use multiple times ... but I love starting paragraphs with "anyway", "so" and "and" - I just don't know any other way :)

    Congrats on the 15.. that's awesome. Ice bath! :)