Thursday, June 09, 2011


Summer started today. Calendars lie.  Everything was as it should have been: the warmish breeze, the sweet-smelling air on my run, the senior denizen dog-walkers in the park.  Kids laughing in the pool, their wavy-wet hair stuck to their foreheads.  Lemonade and oatmeal cookies.  The cut of an orange swimsuit strap on my shoulder.  Sunscreen and flip flops, a deep mom bag of towels.  Today is about that thing when you get in your car and the sweltering heat is nice for a second, then unbearable.  Today was sweat at the back of my knees while I drove around town and kids with reddish eyes that wanted to stay in the water all afternoon.  Today was good and real.

I can't believe I only took one photo:


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