Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Runnin'

It sure doesn't feel like summer at all... but I'm off school, so we'll go with "Summer Runnin'" for now.

Having the kids in school all day is making it really easy to get my runs done early.  Monday I did 4, Wednesday I did my first speed work at the track, and today I did 5 slow, easy miles.

I had 4 on my schedule for today, but I felt good and I wanted to listen to a whole track of Anna Karenina so I wouldn't have to try to find my place the next time I head out, so I did 5.  (The audio book I have is from an Audio CD, so my iPod doesn't remember my spot like it would with a regular audio book.  Every time I run I have to try to guess where I was in the middle of a track, which is so annoying.  Today I just figured I'd keep running and listen to the whole one-hour-ish thing.)

Anyhoo, I'm logging my miles on DailyMile if you'd like to link up.  I like seeing what everyone else is running all week--it totally motivates me to keep going out there.

I've had a pain-free week and my hip hasn't bothered me at all since that lame excuse for an 11-miler a few weeks ago.  I've been diligent about icing, stretching, and doing my PT.  Boring, but it helps.  My upper back and neck are sore but I think that's from almost getting into a fender-bender the other night.  I stopped my car really fast and I think I tweaked something.


This Saturday I think we're going to do 12 again in Folsom.  E and the monkeys and I are supposed to go out to dinner Friday night for his mom's birthday and one of the possibilities is Five Guys--which set me up for major stomach failure on my long run the last time I ran long the day after.  Sooo, I'm kinda hoping we don't go there.  If we do, I'm going to have to eat very carefully.  No way I want a replay of Stomachpocalypse '11.

Running is going well.  When I got home from the track yesterday and told E that we did 5 miles and somewhere in there were 4 800s at an 8:15 pace, he said wow.  I felt the same.  Kinda funny that five miles is no big deal anymore.  Kinda cool that I could push hard and up my speed with Kel.  Kinda amazing how fast the time passes. 12 is still a big deal, but it isn't terrifying.  I know I'll live and I know I'll feel great when I'm done.

Now if you'll 'scuse me, I'm going to go soak my legs and clean some house.  Everyone who lives here has been working hard to make messes for two days.


  1. Every time I read aboout your running, I tell myself to get back out there.

    You are such an inspiration, and you have done so well! I hope one day, I can be as awesome as you!

  2. I can't wait to be done with PT and get back out there and I'll start logging with you!