Monday, May 23, 2011

So... completely... strange...

After my run I took a shower.
Nobody burst in to ask me to find/open/fix anything.

After my shower I watched TV.
Nobody had to be told to turn down their video games.

I folded laundry.
Nobody knocked it over or threw it on the floor.

I cleaned up the front room.
Nobody arranged new toys in the big space or made messes behind me.

I put the dishes in the dishwasher and wiped up the sink.
Nobody mushed chocolate frosting into the clean grout.

I made lunch and ate it.
Nobody interrupted to ask me for a glass of milk.

My couch has been clean of clutter since 11:08.  It isn't sure what to do with itself.
I cleaned up.
It stayed clean.
I made food.
I got to eat it in peace.
I put things away.
They stayed there.


It's so strange being home without the kids--and it feels like I'm getting away with something.  I can't shake the guilty feeling all day, just like when I take a sick day.  I feel like somebody is going to figure out I'm getting away with this and I'll be in big big trouble.  I can't believe this is how it's going to be for another month or so until the kids are out of school.

WEIRD. This stage of parenthood is surprisingly awesome.


  1. Don't worry, they'll be home soon to make a mess...if they haven't come home to do it already!

  2. Uh oh.

    Dare I say it.

    You sound like my mom :)