Thursday, May 12, 2011

Six: check.

Another year of AP English ended today. That makes six. I'm done with seniors. Today is also the day I'm adding many of them on Facebook, so of course a few will meander over here (hi guys). I don't mind them having access to my life, but just like last year it's making me rethink every post in my blog--I'm scanning my memory to try to remember what awkwardness there is here for the devouring. I feel incredibly self-conscious. The truth is that they've seen me be plenty awkward already, so not much should be surprising. Whatever. They're real people now, not students, so it doesn't matter how flawed I am.

Last night I went out for a 6-miler. I decided that I would technically think of it as skipping my first run this week, rather than stressing about how I was going to rearrange my life and fit it all in. Of course I always have to have a neurotic episode when it comes to my running schedule and something being off. My knee was a bit tender from Saturday still, but I think it was nerves more than pain that was keeping me from heading out. Something about running after even the slightest hint of pain gives me the pit-sweats. My knee held up until mile 5.5, which isn't so bad. Sometimes I think the end of my run is just painful because I'm bored. I'm not sure I was really hurting or if I just plain had enough. Either way, I walked a bit. Still came in under 12:00/mile. Iced when I got home... stretched like a BEAST. Now that I've been out I know it won't be a problem to go again.

Ad is getting geared up for her big 5K this weekend. Me too.

I'm winding down at school and feeling a little nostalgic for the fact that this year's senior class is gone. I feel lucky when I get a good one and this was definitely one of those years. I'm glad I get to shake their hands right before they walk across the stage at graduation next week. What good people. Almost makes up for how tough it is to work in education right now.

I haven't had much else to say this week because I've mostly been anxious and mad. Funding for education in our state just doesn't look good. Life at my school next year is uncertain at best. I'm trying hard not to think about it, but there's only so much avoidance one can do. Even if my own situation was certain, so many of my friends' jobs are not and programs are all but cut to the bone. When I do get home at night I'm not really being the best PDawg I can be. There's just not much left to give. I need it to be summer now.

Six more days. Just six. I feel like I'm holding my breath under water. Six days.

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