Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Short Story

I've been nervously wondering since early March if I should post the short story I wrote for my grad school applications. It's funny that I can bare my soul here daily, but the idea of posting an entirely fictional work has given me such pause. To me, there's much more vulnerability in fiction. I feel like my skills (or lack thereof) are so much more glaring when there's no real experience that I can hide behind.

Also, I think the very nature of a fictional story lends itself to interpretation, and frankly knowing just how many people try to ascribe the elements of a story to an author's real life just makes me nervous. (PS: I'm not a biographical interpretation kind of reader, myself.) It's a weird thing to put something out there and then know that people will assume it comes from something you know. I've been scared of what people will think--on all levels.

I've decided it's time to let that go. I had fun stretching my syntax into any direction I could imagine. Fiction is a play area... I'm not bound by what has actually happened to me. When I start up my classes at UCR this fall I'm going to have to lay my work out there for interpretation. I'm going to have to know that people won't understand every word the way it was intended, and that they will make assumptions where there are none to be made. Isn't that true of any writing, really?

The other (silly) reason I haven't posted the story is that I was loath to title it. I suck at titles. But today I also decided that's pretty dumb. I titled my piece, divided it into five sections, and I'll post one part each Wednesday for the next four weeks.

I'm inspired by Heidi's foray into Owl-painting. I'm inspired (hate to admit it) by Oprah today. I'm inspired by everyone, everywhere, who tried something the first time even though they were not very good at it yet. I'm eager to learn, and the first step to getting better at something is trying it.

So there you go, Internet. My next post will be Part I of my first work of fiction (and no, we're not counting the short story that Heather B. and I wrote about icosahedrons in 6th grade... but that story was pretty rad.)


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