Friday, May 27, 2011


The monkeys' school had a Jog-A-Thon today. The school is trying to re-open the library for next year. Sad that kids have to fund-raise just so they'll have access to books, right?

Cuts to education aside, it was pretty dern cute. I'm so glad I can go be a school mom for the next month.

They had different sized tracks for each grade so the little kids would have the same opportunity to accrue laps as the older kids. Hanko actually ran the Jog-A-Thon twice--once with his kindergarten class in the morning and then again with his first grade class this afternoon. He did a total of 50 minutes. Ad did 30 with 3rd grade.

[drumroll please] Their totals: Henry ran 2.9 miles and Ad ran 1.85 miles (she ran that in less time than he had, though). I love watching them run. Ad ran with her friend and I could see her giving her all the same encouragement she received when she was doing Girls on the Run. It reminded me of how much she's grown this past year.

Only one thing was funny about this Jog-A-Thon, though. The school had a PA system blasting music... but it was the most schizo DJ I've ever heard. I bet it was a teacher or a parent, so I shouldn't be making fun... but the playlist included: some 90's pop song (okay), then O Fortuna (no joke), then they switched over to Born to Run (which was fitting...) but then it was some old school REM non-hit and they ended with some 80's slow jams. Ha. Whatevs. The kids didn't notice. I have to say it just made me giggle a little--not one song they'd recognize. Has nobody there heard of the Disney Channel? Or the Biebs?

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