Monday, May 30, 2011

Is it Sunday? Oh. It's Monday.

I still love that I still don't have to know. Here's to glorious ignorance, at least when it comes to days of the week in summer, etcetera.

I've been having the best weekend. Saturday Kel and I decided to run around town because I was starting to get the pit-sweats about how I was going to fit everything in for the day. I love running up in Folsom, but the extra half hour of driving (plus coffee, who are we kidding) adds a lot of time. After I bailed on the group run, she asked if she could run here with me. We did our own little half marathon. We left at 5:30 AM because... well, because we could. The sun was up and we were burning daylight. I don't pop out of bed at 4:45 with jazz hands like you might think, but there's something to be said for sleeping through the first five or six miles so I do it. And I love having my run ovah before the day begins. BEAST MODE. Oh, and I beat my race time from my last half marathon by a few minutes. NBD. I know it doesn't count since it wasn't a race, but I'll take the awesometastic ego boost.

After that K and I schlepped the monkeys to the county fair (I'd never been before) to visit our students and their animals, the corn dog stand. Nothing I love more than a fair corn dog, and I have to say that the lack of scary-looking gang types that normally frequent the state fair made my corn dog-enjoying experience that much better. County fair was quaint and cute and there were lots of familiar faces. We had a great time. K kindly agreed to keep the kiddos after the fair for me so I could go to a non-kiddo graduation party, too. By the time I got back from that it was pouring. Thanks a lot, Mother Nature. Did you not get the memo about summer?


Yesterday we did a little walk to coffee and I was grateful for the stretch in my legs. I'm finding I feel much better if I walk the day after a long run. After walking, it was time for Grocery Marathon 2011.

I have to admit it was a little Crazy Coupon Lady-esque. The night before I laid out all the different grocery store ads like it was Thanksgiving day. There were so many deals on meat... so of course I spent Sunday driving around like a bat outta hell trying to buy up meat for my freezer. Just in case the Apocalypse comes this week, I'm set. I can't resist $3 a pound for tri tip or under $2 a pound for ribs. I will also admit to making a trip to another store for 97 cent a pound asparagus. Oh, and the tri tip I bought? It was about 13 POUNDS. So... yeah. I had the butcher cut some of it up for me into steaks and leave some in roasts, but we are set for meat for a while. Our freezer is stuffed tighter than a Biggest Loser's skin into her Spanx at the finale.

I can't help myself with the crazy shopping. When prices drop lower than Costco I freak out a little.

In all yesterday, I hit up three grocery stores, WalMart, the pet food store, Dollar Tree and the gas station. I promptly came home and died right on my family room carpet. Oh wait... no I didn't. I had to unload and put away all that crap. Then I got in my bed before 7:00 PM for the second night in a row to rewatch Season 1 of LOST. I know, there's a lot to be jealous of when it comes to my night life.

ALL NIGHT last night I had LOST dreams. I love me some LOST, but why couldn't my LOST dreams be more of the shirtless Sawyer needs your full attention variety and less of the Smoke Monster is coming atcha, better run variety? *Sigh.*

The good news is that I woke up today feeling all Leo Dicaprio about my king-of-the-world-ness. I know that I won't have to go to any stores to run errands for a while. My fridge is back to being full of healthy stuff and I have meats in the freezer for days. I guess it doesn't take much to make me feel accomplished... and today is a bonus weekend day, so... SCORE!

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