Monday, May 09, 2011

I'd like a FF button, please.

Hey there.

I know I promised I wasn't going to get the I'll-be-happy-when-s this year, but I made it all the way to two weeks from the end of the semester. That's pretty good, right? And seriously I KNOW I'll be happy when I'm out of school for the summer. True story. So I'm ready for my FF button, please.


9 days. I can do anything for 9 days, right?

But since I like to use this space for good--you know, the kind of good that feels like hugging a pegasus while you take a magical flight over a swimming pool filled with your lottery earnings--here's a list of some happy things.

It's more for me, really. Just like my new books page (click the link at the menu bar) which I am using as a personal catalog of my finished books so I can feel superior to non-readers everywhere. Don't feel too bad, though, non-readers. I was only able to read books because I didn't clean my house for three years.


What's good on this Monday night:

-Monday night TV. Really, any night TV. I'm a fan.
-Moms. I love mine.
-Grandmas. Ditto.
-Strawberry cream cheese PIE. I might have had some yesterday, along with some homemade Meyer lemon ice cream. Jealous?
-Kids. Henry said last night that he wanted to make me "dinner in bed" since he missed breakfast. He didn't actually do it, but I didn't care. I wanted to be lazy for Mothers' Day and I got my wish.
-My seniors being done with their AP test. We're all breathing a little easier.
-NOT THINKING about all the horrible crap that's happening right now in education because there's no money for anything. NOT thinking about all of this is making my anxiety much better. See? I'm not even thinking about it right now. PEGASUS MONEY BIN MAGICAL HAPPY TIME.
-Running. Yeah baby.
-My bed. Good every night of the week, but I feel like I need to take the time out to acknowledge it again. The combination of memory foam + flannel sheets (yes, still) + quilt from MIL = cloth Xanax.
-Addie's first race is this weekend -- 5K. I'm her running buddy. Neither of us can wait.
-Husbands with haircuts. In black shirts. The husband is, not the haircut. Well, both really.
-Melted swiss cheese. Just sayin'.
-I completed my FAFSA yesterday and registered for my UCR email. I'm starting to feel like a grad student.
-I have a family, a house, a bed, a job. A refrigerator full of various cheeses.
-It's almost bedtime.

Peace out, world.

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  1. I'll take a 9-day fast forward button. I'm working 9 days straight out of town, then get 2 days off during the week. I cannot wait for next Wednesday when I can sleep as late as I want and be super lazy. :-)

    So if you find that magical fast forward button, please send one my way!