Friday, May 27, 2011


During the school year I get up early on Saturday mornings and open the curtains in the front of the house.  I love to sit and watch the sun rise while I drink my coffee, and then I love (even more) to lounge at the corner of the couch as the sun rises higher in the sky.  In a silly way, staring out my front window, sipping coffee while I wear sweat pants and fuzzy socks makes me feel more connected to the world.

I haven't made sunrise in a while, but I'm five for five with morning coffee time this week.  The house is so still.  I wish I could stop time at this part of the day.  Cats are sleeping around me, their furry stomachs rising and falling with happy breath.  I love feeling like I have the whole day ahead of me.

Today I'm taking a rest day from running.  My body feels okay but I want to be ready for a nice long run tomorrow morning.  I don't have anywhere to be today until the kids' Jog-A-Thon at school (at 1:30), so I'm gonna take a rest day from pretty much everything else, too.  :)

Yesterday was an "early out" day for the monks, so I picked them up and we went to Tops Frozen Yogurt.  Nothing tastes like frozen yogurt on a summer afternoon.  This time Henry abstained from his typical gross creation (his favorite: peanut butter and mint yogurt with sour candy and butterscotch syrup--yuck) and he and I made our own McFlurries out of vanilla yogurt, M&Ms and peanut butter cups.  He decided his was called a McTopsy.  That kid. Weirdo.

After yogurt Henry was wondering out loud if we'd ever get to go to the "baseball park" to just play on the playground... so we drove over there and they scampered all over the rock wall.  Time to get ready for Yosemite!  I was thinking I need to take them back (the park has several rock structures) so they can get a little bit more confident before we go climb some real rocks this summer.

And seriously?  I can't get enough of all the cat-cute around here.  I really don't want to start alienating readers by posting about my animals all the time, but YOU GUYS THE FEET ON THIS ONE.

I can't help myself.  Twinkle is snuggling Cookie all the time, Cookie is treating Twinkle like she's her mom, and even Stanley is in the house (yes, Stan, our mean-ass-old-man-cat) because he developed (faked?) a big old limp last night.  He's in Cookie's old digs--the front bathroom--which I'm considering re-naming Cat Hospital Exam Room A.

Happy Friday.  Is it Friday?  I love that I don't have to know.

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