Monday, May 16, 2011


This morning at school an email went out that a kitten had snuck a ride on top of the engine of a CRV--a 30 minute ride under the hood of a car on the freeway--and was discovered when the driver arrived. Miraculously, she was unharmed. Oh, and she was ten shades of cute.

As soon as I saw that she was a Calico like Twinkle, I was helpless. I had to convince E to let me bring her home. I, like, HAD TO.

He had to think about it for a while, but he ultimately gave the okay. Squee!

I put her in my (open) drawer to sleep for the last class until I could get home, then I stowed her in a Famous Amos box from K so she wouldn't freak out in the car. I surprised the kids with the ol' kitten box trick at school when I picked them up.

As Ad said, best surprise ever. We took her to the vet right after so we could get her checked out. Of course I had a moment of whuh-oh when the vet suggested we do a Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS test to "see if we wanted to keep her." Sads. Luckily for us (and her), she came back clean. Pheeouff.

Since we got home we've been helping her get settled in and introducing her to Twinkle. Twinkle made sure to let her know who was boss, but then they both decided to lay down next to each other. Guess that wasn't too rough.

Addie decided that since the cat showed up in a cookie box, her name should be Cookie. It pretty much stuck. Marms was an abandoned kitty, and that turned out all right. I think Ad is a major fan of the kitten surprise.

I'm in kitten heaven right now. She's currently snuggling on me and Twinkle is laying next to us. Last Monday of school for this school year? Surprise cat? That's a pretty good day.

Photo on 2011-05-16 at 18.41


  1. That is soooooo adorable! And it is awesome that Twinkle doesn't mind Cookie. That is the best surprise ever!

  2. She is adorable. Cali Cats are the bestest ever. :) Congrats on your new addition.

  3. Cookie is SO cute! Lucky you, I want another kitty so bad!!

  4. My cat would NOT be having that if I brought a kitten home.. you are lucky :)

    She is AAAAD-OR-ABLE!

  5. Ohmygod. This story reminds me of my mother's hitchhiking chipmunk story! Wasn't that the post that brought us together many moons ago?

    Welcome to the brood, Cookie! You're in good hands.