Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cat Happenings, by the CCL

Allow me to go a little Crazy Cat Lady on ya. As I said, life is getting really small over here. Like, pet-small. All the furry people at my house are kinda excited that I have nothing to do all day except feed and snuggle them--at least that's why they tell me I'm home.

Twinkle and Cookie are still getting to know each other. And by "getting to know each other" I mean that Cookie is trying to attach herself to anything remotely motherly (e.g. the towel in the bathroom, my arm, Twinkle) and Twinkle is doing her best to act like she doesn't give two craps about this new furball.

I know the truth, though.




They spend a lot of time chasing, biting, and kicking... Every once in a while Twinkle will tolerate Cookie's warm presence if she's sleepy enough. Last night I put the two of them on my bed while I watched House. This cuteness happened:

I figure Twinkle is a pretty serious cleaner when it comes to her own fur, so I let her go to town on Cookie's crazy mop. Most of the time Cookie looks like a cartoon cat who swallowed a stick of dynamite: POOF. Poor Cook was soaking wet by the time Twinkle was done with this beauty treatment. I figure either Twinkle was putting her scent on Cookie or she was trying to eat her. Either way it was pretty cute.

Not to be forgotten... Hurley Dog is sweet, but oh so dumb. I haven't really left him alone with Cookie yet because subtlety is not his forté. I'm worried he will step on her. We will have to wait until she's a bit bigger before we let her bite on his face like Twink.

Mostly this last week, he's just confused. He's been getting hissed at a lot and he's had to spend a bit more time in the yard.

Poor Hurley... Cookie will be big soon and you can freak out all over her too.


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  1. I love pet stories. :) Your fur babies are almost as adorable as your human ones. LOL