Sunday, May 22, 2011


Just enjoying my breakfast in the morning sun with these two knuckleheads. NBD.

Yesterday was a whirlwind start to summer.

Kel picked me up at 5:20 AM for our run--we did 12 miles in the Folsom hills and they were no joke.  No.  Really.  NO JOKE.  For the first three miles or so I was dying and I really didn't believe I could make it. But eventually my heart slowed enough that I could keep going, and the place we ran was beautiful.  I really enjoyed the run, the lake, the animals.  It's just beautiful up there.  I really like having a running group, too.  (And I did 12.25 miles of hills in 2 hrs 25 min.  For me that's FANTASTIC.)  I felt great.

After our run I was RAVENOUS so I scarfed a bagel and a mocha while we all sat on the patio.  Kel dropped me off at home and it was time to stretch, foam roll, soak and then shower myself.  Sometimes I feel like the post-run routine takes longer than the run!  Of course once I did all that I was starving again so I had to stuff my face before it was time to head to Henry's baseball game.

At the game I stretched out on a blanket next to Roo's little lawn chair and baked in the sun.  E helped base coach.   Henry had a great game and even got the final out.  The game ended at 2:30 and we had until 3:30 when we had to be at his team's pizza party so E and I passed out back on our couch at home for a good 15 minutes.  By that time I was toast, having been up since 4:45 AM.  Yeeks.

The pizza party was sweet and I loved seeing all the little boys on the team get recognized for a great season.  They were adorable.  Henry had a great day.

Post-pizza party, it was time for a serious nap... only E decided that's when he needed to use his grinder (is that a thing? there was grinding, I'm not sure by which tool, and now that I type "grinder" I'm not even sure it's a thing) out in the garage the whole time.  So... basically I got about 15 more minutes of sleep.  Sigh.  But I was laying down, that's something.  Even laying down was a win.

We ended the day with a date night.  K came over to monkey-sit and E and I went to see Bridesmaids (hilarious, but can we please skip the barf and diarrhea humor, world?  I'm so not a fan of that in what was an otherwise fun move) and then to McD for fries and sundaes.  It felt like so many summer evenings in high school and college when we had no money and we'd drive around going "what do you want to do?"  "I don't know, what do you want to do?" I'm glad now we know what the other wants to do--go to McDonalds sometimes--and in this case the sweet/salty ice cream and fry combo was a heavenly way to end the evening.

In the middle of all of this, Twinkle and Cookie (pictured above) have already decided they're BFFs.  They've been chasing, biting, and snuggling each other for 2 days straight.  I'd say we hit the kitten jackpot.  Everyone is happy.

So this morning my legs are incredibly sore--not in an awkward way, but in the way that says dayum girl, you really did something yesterday.  I'm going to walk it out and see if that helps.  E cleaned the house yesterday (I know, right?) so I don't even have to worry about that.

Life is GOOD.

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  1. Add a dayum girl from me, too! Great job on the run and yay for the beginning of summer!