Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I won't write about:

I'm in a multi-day stretch of not blogging. This falls into the category of if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

I'm pretty open and honest on my blog, but always with some very clear boundaries. I know that's really hard for some people to get. I find myself in conversation with people about writing when they find out I have a blog, and sometimes it's just hard to get across exactly how I set my own guidelines. I have to say (and this is not a jugement at all because there are exceptions to every rule) that it seems to be a generational thing. People older than my parents are more likely to act very wary (or even scared) about the information I put online. I always do my best to assure that I (along with E) have set some clear rules for myself and they actually govern what I write quite well. If I'm ever in doubt about whether or not I should post something about E, I have him read it and I get his okay. In fact, he reads and okays everything I write about him before I hit "publish."

I would never post anything that I felt was unsafe or too specific. That's not really what I mean. I'm talking about the whos and the whats in my life.

I will talk about how I feel about anything. I will talk about positive feelings toward other people and the specific things they've done to inspire those positive feelings.

This week I've been tongue-tied, though, because the things I've wanted to say have violated my two basic blogging rules.
  1. When this gets taken out of context at some point and quoted back to me, will that be a disaster?
  2. Would I hesitate to share this information with someone who genuinely wanted to know? (For example, if an acquaintance asked me about it, would I care if they knew?)
The answer to both was yes this week, unfortunately.

I try not to write negative stuff about my kids (unless it's funny and not potentially damaging). I don't want them to look back on my blog and feel like I wasn't thankful for every single minute. I get frustrated, but I know that reading an angry rant back would be bad for any of us.

Sometimes this comes down to blogging about work. It wouldn't be good for me to blog about how much I'm pissed off/hurt/frustrated by XYZ, because XYZ would have a problem with that, understandably. And I'd regret it, no matter who or what XYZ was. You can't live something down once you commit to it in writing.

The other way this comes up is with specifics of fights with E. While I have no problem saying I had a fight with E, I won't usually give a list of all the things he did that I have a problem with. I won't sell him out to have a post topic. That just seems like it would be all bad. I'd regret that later too.

I won't post pictures of my house when it looks like crap, which (lately) is all the time. No desire to break the magic that is you thinking I'm all kinds of perfect. So, um, photo posts are out. Okay, except for this funny one I took with my webcam because I use my computer like a mirror. I had to see if the back of my french braid was too messy to wear it when I went back to work tonight. It was.

Here's how I see that photo, though:

Anyway. That's why I have nothing to write about.

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  1. I appreciate your post tonight. I understand your frustration. But best of all I love the rules that you've set for yourself. I know that you'll get out of this "writer's block" (that's the best way I knew how to describe it) and find your happy place again! Happy cyber thoughts being sent your way!