Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring break, day 1: a paragraph

     Spring break, like summer, forces me bow down before the juggernaut* that is home-management.  I'm not worthy.  I always feel overwhelmed on the first day when I realize that taking care of kid/home/eats/da fitnesses is, like, a full-time job.  Today was "feel overwhelmed, avoid doing anything productive" day, but it will get better.  Fun things included morning coffee, the Martha Stewarts, walking the dog and monkeys to the park, nap time, and a delicious roast.  Not-so-funs included: well, nothing.  I eschewed anything too taxing**, save the dishes.  Tomorrow is domesticity go time.  I'm getting a little touch of the Crazies about my empty week filling up.  Today I started getting texts and emails and phone calls from all the lovelies in my life who want to see me/us.  This is all good, but of course my nutso nature does a little baby freak-out when the previously blank calendar starts to fill.  NOBODY WILL UNDERSTAND THAT AND EVERYONE WILL TAKE IT PERSONALLY (which it is not) and people will be all but it's good when people want to hang out with you, and I will be all  I know, but here's an old school SAT analogy for ya: Me:free time::Sméagol:precious.  I'm so weird.  The end.

*I learned that word in my 11th grade history book in 1995.
**Happy Tax Day, kids.

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