Friday, April 22, 2011

Poetry from movement (inspired by CORE)


Strum the stringèd spine and strike a raspy breath.
Beat together palms and souls,
wake color in our chests.

Thump the marrowed bones of audience like drums.
Leap, abandon, arch, release.
Chase fear. Careen and run.

The fickle hearts and woozy eyes shake off their thistled weeds.
They breathe, inhaling outstretched limbs,
a corps of golden reeds.

Yours is joy of childish glee.
Yours, the trust of ages.
Yours is clapping, glowing air.
Yours, a body's pages.

Last night I saw CORE perform their spring show, Awake My Soul, set to music by Mumford & Sons.  I was so moved by the performance, I wrote a little poem.  

Dance is so transcendent.  I feel privileged to know courageous, joyful artists like this.  

(Check out their rehearsal video below--but it doesn't do the show justice.  If you're in Sacramento, go see it!)

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  1. I really wanted to see it once I heard it was set to Mumford and Sons - one of the best albums released last year. I was curious to see what they would have done with it.....thanks for sharing the video.