Friday, April 08, 2011

Next week's run plan

I cheated a bit on my week off.  Wednesday my little Roo couldn't summon the energy to power through nine laps so I offered to run with her and some of the other girls.  I think I did about a mile--three laps or so--at a pretty slow pace.  Though I'd promised myself not to do anything physical this week, I didn't feel too bad about cheating.  I had zero pain.  I also didn't have any pain walking around or sitting, which wasn't the case for the three weeks prior.

This might have something to do with me not shaking my booty all week.

Next week I'm starting back up again with a regular run routine.  I'm all kinds of antsy to run.  I've been playing around with mileage plans on tonight but since I don't have a goal (race) in mind it's hard to say what I should be running.  I know my body can probably handle 3-4 days of running and something between 6-10 miles for my long run.  Maybe I'll see what Kel is up to that weekend before I make my plan (though let's be real, she's probably up to 20-something and I'm not!).

For this reason and out of pure lilly-livered fear about what my hip will do, I'm setting some open-ended goals.  I'm not going to go nuts thinking that I'll run five days and round out the week with 50 miles.

Simple goals = a better chance to succeed.

Oh, and I got the call that my new shoes came in... I just have to go pick them up.  I am still loving the Asics Kayano, so I went with the newer model of the same shoe.  Here's hopin' that the transition is easy--but my current shoes aren't really worn out so these are going on the shelf as a backup, anyway.

New shoes.  Love 'em.  I'm so grateful to my friends for the gift card.
Fitness goals for the week of 4/11-4/17

Physical Therapy:
Resistance exercises (2 days)
Stretches  (as much as possible)

The resistance work is much harder for me.  I'm just not motivated to do the rubber band stuff.  I know it helps, so I really need to make sure I get in two days at a minimum.  Stretching is easier but I still forget.  On running days this means stretching before (yes, I know that's not the conventional runner's wisdom, but it makes a difference to my dancer body) and after I run.

Short runs, 3-5 miles (2 days)
Long run, 6-8 miles (1 day)

I'll probably do these runs on my regular routes... I'm less likely to bail that way.  I think I might be able to do four days, but again I don't want to fail at hitting my mark.  If the weather turns bad again I'll do them on the treadmill, but hopefully I can get outside to clear my head.  In a perfect world I'd do my shorter runs before work but I'm not going to commit to that for fear of failure.  No matter when I run it will be a success.

Easy, relaxing walk (1-2 days)

This doesn't include my weekly walk with K, which I'd like to also start back up again.  I want one day of just me and my iPod.  It's time for me to start establishing good mental health habits.  Walking is the single best thing I do for my Crazies.

Cook.  Eat at home.  Remember veggies.

Enough said.

There you have it.  Now it's written down.  I'll report back next week and let you know how I do.  I'm just excited (and eager) to get back in the game.  Hopefully the weather continues to cooperate, as does my old lady hip.


  1. I've just got to ask: why did you choose the Asics Kayano? I'm looking for new shoes and will take any advice that I can get

  2. No, I will not be up to 20 anytime soon!

    I'm planning a 6-8 on the 23rd. I'll plan to run long with you that day!

    Happy running!