Sunday, April 17, 2011

Long run and this week's goals

Do you notice how I waited until Sunday to post this?  That way I made sure I knocked out my long run and I wouldn't have to jump on here and let the world know that I suck at life.  Clever.

I feel good about how I did with my goals for the week.  Not great, but good.  I accomplished quite a bit but I still have the feeling that I need a better routine when it comes to several things that didn't happen.  The older I get, the more I realize how much of me actually getting something done is in the setup.  If it's routine and easy to take care of something ahead of time, then I'm more likely to do it.  Doi.  I know.  But realizing this about myself has made so many impossible challenges seem possible.  Like taking roll every day at school and remembering to email parents back.

Dream big, right?

Fitness goals for the week of 4/11-4/17 results in red

Physical Therapy:
Resistance exercises (2 days) 1.5 days

Stretches  (as much as possible) 5 days

I can't officially say I did two days of PT because I half-assed the second day.  But I did haul out the bands and do some serious grunting and sweating on Wednesday night as I watched Modern Family.  I've been a BEAST for stretching, though.  I think it really helps with how I feel.  I managed to stretch before and after all three runs this week plus at least 2 (maybe 3) other days.

Short runs, 3-5 miles (2 days)
2 days, 4 miles & 3.4 miles
Long run, 6-8 miles (1 day) 1 day, 8 miles

I feel like doing a Mary Catherine Gallagher SUPERSTAR lunge for all my running.  Though I did cut my Thursday run short after tripping over Hurley dog for the first mile and then swallowing enough bugs for an ol' fashioned Egyptian plague.  I'm still proud I went outside, and I could tell today that even a small run made a difference.

I did my long run today.  It was great--I needed the mental recharge as much as I needed the miles on my legs.  There's nothing like a sunny day and a heapin' scoop of endorphins to put things into perspective.  I took it grandma-slow (I'm still so worried about messing up my hip/IT area) but I had no pain during the run at all.  I am having some serious soreness all day in that region but I stretched and I plan to ice again while I watch TV.  *Added: I just looked at this week's plan and realized I was only supposed to run 6 today.  Whoops.  Oh well!  Felt good!

Oddly enough, when I was looking at Garmin Connect I realized that I ran more miles this week than any week since I started running again: 15.39.  :)

Easy, relaxing walk (1-2 days)
0 days


Cook.  Eat at home.  Remember veggies.

Pretty much.  I think I made dinner every night this week (if we're counting hot dogs--which I AM) and I managed to get salads, fruit and veggies on the plate every night.  I spent a lot of this week trying to use up food we already had in the house, which meant we ate some weird stuff.  Today the kids and I hit a giant farmers' market and we're stocked up on late spring veg for the week.  (Tonight I tried making turnip fries to go with our sweet potato fries and they were not too shabby.)

Yummy dinner with farmers' market haul.  Yay produce!
And now for this coming week...

Fitness goals for the week of 4/18-4/24

Physical Therapy:
Resistance exercises (2 days)
Stretching (4-5 days)

Short runs, 3-4 miles (3 days)
Long run, 8-10 miles (1 day)

Easy relaxing walk (1 day)

Eat breakfast every day
Lots of produce
Cook dinner

Mental health:
Plant my vegetable garden :)

I'm off school this week, so my number one goal is to PRETEND IT IS SUMMER AND I AM A REAL PERSON.

I'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. Did you guys get the garden area set up behind a fence this year so Hurley doesn't eat your cucumbers again?