Saturday, April 02, 2011

I had the time of my life...

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My chest bump.

Did you hear that? It's the sound of an empty calendar.

This is my first day off since 3/20. Those thirteen straight days tested the limits more than Lindsay Lohan on probation, but I made it. And I did have the time of my life. In a way I can't believe that all in the last two weeks I taught English, went to a Mock Trial competition, went to Disneyland, met up with a former student, stayed in one of the jankiest hotels known to man, drove back from SoCal, coached 25 ladies to an awesome performance, and performed with them in front of hundreds of kids.

I'm still smiling with post-performance glow and I still have the fuzzy feeling that comes each year--sad I'm done with weekly practices but also glad to get back to real life. E and I have practically become strangers in the last two weeks and I am looking forward to redirecting my focus a bit. The kids have been clearly disrupted by my busy schedule. Little Roo had two tantrums that looked like the foreshadow of her teenage years. I know that time with Mom will help to bring her back down to earth.

This lazy Saturday morning is as delicious as a ripe summer strawberry. My busy absence from home in the last two weeks means that everything has a rosy glow to it today. I am happy for a quiet weekend of warm weather--it's a reminder that soon I'll be living my quiet (real) summer life. Until then I'm glad I have such great memories to get me through.

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