Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here's what

1. I'm spending way too much time watching the Countess and Ramona and Tamra and Gretchen and Andy. If you know who I mean or what RHOanything stands for, you have a problem too.

2. Easter was today and it passed with very little fanfare. It was nice to see my dad's family but it also made me wish I saw them more often. Note to self: take care of that.

3. I've been home by myself for a few hours, avoiding productivity.

4. I ended up with a migraine last night (a bad one) so all day today I have the WORST migraine hangover. I think it's called postdrome, but it's a real thing. And it can suck my left toe.

5. This school thing is really cool, but I find it hard to work into conversation. Like yesterday, I wanted to tell E's family about it but I couldn't think of a way to do so without being all "hey, I got into a few graduate schools and I'm gonna go to one." Well, eventually I just basically said that, but it was ten shades of awkward. Note to self: maybe tone down the shameless self-promotion, or figure it out better.

6. I have a bit of nervousness about going back to school tomorrow. I always get like that after any time off.

7. I only have four more weeks.

8. I am going to try so so so so so hard not to poop out at 3.5 weeks. But I'm tired. And when I say tired, I mean of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Mostly of this poor economy and all the infighting it's encouraging in education. Boo.

9. Spring break was not as productive as I would have liked, but I enjoyed it.

10. Oh yeah, I should do a little update on me runnin' goals.

Here ya go.

Fitness goals for the week of 4/18-4/24 stuff I actually did in red

Physical Therapy:
Resistance exercises (2 days) 2 days
Stretching (4-5 days) 4 days

Short runs, 3-4 miles (3 days) 2 days (but 4.5 each day!)
Long run, 8-10 miles (1 day) 1 day (9 miles)
Still counting as a success... CHECK!

Easy relaxing walk (1 day) 1 day (1.5 miles)
Walked the kids and dog to the park... CHECK!

Eat breakfast every day think so?
Lots of produce still room for improvement
Cook dinner did it

Mental health:
Plant my vegetable garden :) :(

I'm off school this week, so my number one goal is to PRETEND IT IS SUMMER AND I AM A REAL PERSON. Definitely.

and now for next week...

Fitness goals for the week of 4/25-5/1

Physical Therapy:
same as last week
Resistance exercises (2 days)
Stretching (4-5 days)

Monday-Thursday: 2 short runs (3 miles each), 1 medium run (5 miles)
Saturday or Sunday: 1 long run (10 miles)

Easy relaxing walk or yoga video (1 day)

Peace out, nerds.

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