Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easy Dinner: Stolen "Recipe" for Mexican Gumbo

Lord knows I'm a fan of the burrito bowl.  After buying a boatload of them from Chipotle, I started to make them at home... like, all the time.

Confession: It's one of my favorite things to make when we have people over.  I cook/chop up some options.  Everyone picks what they want in their own bowl.  Everyone loves his or her own meal.  I am praised for fabulousness, I blush modestly.  Success.

We make b bowls about once a week even when it's just us.  It's a handy way to use up leftover meats--generally whatever beast or bird that E smoked on Sunday I shred up and save for a Tuesday night dinner. A little rice, a dash of beans, some corn, avocado or salsa... meal time.

One of the days I was down in Riverside for Mock Trial I stayed back at the hotel with a sick kiddo.  I walked to a nearby Chipotle-esque joint for lunch, Qdoba.  I don't know how popular (or not) these are, but we don't have them around here.  I liked it.

Anyway, I got a good idea for a burrito bowl variation while I was there.  Tonight I totally copied it: Mexican Gumbo.

I sliced up a (very ripe) avocado to top mine.

Mexican Gumbo


cooked chicken, pork or beef of any kind
white rice
beans of any kind
chicken tortilla soup broth (I just mixed chicken broth and a bit of enchilada sauce together to taste)
shredded cheese
sour cream
crumbled tortilla chips


1.  Layer rice, beans, meat in bowl.
2. Add a scoop of broth.
3. Top with cheese, salsa, sour cream or chips.

And just like that a nice variation of the burrito bowl is born.



  1. Qdoba is the bomb. There was one in Natomas until about a year ago....I eat there every time I'm in Colorado, and I've found two in Vegas so far. Their queso is what draws me in - delicious!

    Your gumbo recipe looks good - that's one of my favorite things to order there too!

  2. There is a Qdoba in Roseville too over by the mall. I like their taco salad!