Saturday, April 02, 2011

Can YOUR teachers do this?

The event:

Staff GQ is a student fund-raiser. Male teachers do a "pageant" of casual wear, talent, and evening wear (tuxedos). In between these sections our female staff members, the Dancing Queens, perform two dance numbers.

None of these people are performers, but they get up and strut their stuff for a good cause. It's hilarious.

This year we did a flash mob intro with the guys:

Our themed routine was early 90's:

and our final routine was a mix of current songs:

Staff GQ has become one of, if not the, best thing we do all year. It brings us together to work on something for the kids but it helps us to meet people all over campus and build stronger working relationships. The kids go wild for it.

It's my favorite. Did I mention that the Dancing Queens are the best part? Not that I'm biased.


  1. I throw it out there... It IS the best thing!

  2. awesome job!! you guys looked great!!

    ps - you should Zumba with me sometime. we use a lot of those songs in there, and your "bottoms up" routine is pretty similar to what we do!

  3. That was AWESOME! Jordyn was boogieing her little behind off!

  4. You are too freakin' cute!!! This makes me want to be a teacher at EG so I can be a Dancing Queen! :)

  5. I loved it! You all did great! I loved seeing a bit of some drill team too :)