Friday, April 29, 2011


This week was too long.  I'm so glad it's over.  For exactly that reason this is also the longest Friday in history.  I'm hoping to get a ten-miler in tomorrow but I also have a buzillion things that the kids need to get to... not sure that a run will happen unless it happens at oh-dark-30.  My running buddy is running her own race so it's all about me in the motivation department.

Yes, that basically means there's only a 30% chance I'll follow through.  It's so much harder to bail when someone is outside your house at 5:30 AM waiting for you.  Must. Run. Ten. Miles.

I'm kind of bummed about Saturday.  E's planning a big ride with the guys and then a night of watching UFC, so I'm feeling less than enthused about him not being around.

I still haven't planted my garden, so hopefully I can do that.  Maybe pick up the new running shoes I ordered a few weeks ago.  Grocery shop.  Walmart shop.  Costco shop.  Nap.

Okay, it will be a productive little Saturday.  And on Sunday I get to finally see Jane Eyre.  I can't wait.

Really, at this point I'd just take the few days off from work even if they meant I was going to get continuously punched in the face.  It feels like that would be easier on the ol' spirit than the past week has been.  I think I'm ready for summer now.


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  1. I'm sorry your week was blarf! There are a lot of us feeling that way. You can always count on my ear if you need to just get it out.
    Missed running with you today. I'll see you next Saturday at 0 dark thirty for a lap around the lake! =)